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Sales pipelines are the phases in a sales cycle identified in order to move a customer to a buying position for your product or service. This includes activities such as prospect development, lead selection, and production – all of which are tracked by Customer Relationship Management software. Tell me about the sales pipeline? Sales pipelines describe a customer’s journey toward completing a sale. If done properly, it can help sales reps move through all phases of an organization’s sales process.

Sales prospecting and lead generation

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In the first phase, prospecting is the process of finding potential customers. The first step involves discovering and researching potential buyers who are interested in doing business, then reaching the customer. How often do sales people get into a relationship through prospecting? Web research, email e-mails, referrals, networking. Successful prospecting requires finding people who will likely be looking into your product, service or offering. The key to success in any endeavor should remain strategic. For instance sales people may focus on one specific sector or segment, demographic or geographical area.

Research Prospects

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This is an early phase of a sales pipeline where a thorough analysis is done for potential business that could benefit from your products. Depending on size of business or market, the results of your research can be compiled into a table with contact details and contact numbers. This can be done using a persona or ideal paying customers for your research. Identification of ideal client persona helps determine company’s ideal buyer type, and guides marketing lead generation.


Initial contact

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Initial interactions between sales reps and potential customers are a primary sales interaction between a sales rep and potential customers. It may happen via a sales call or email. Regardless of the way in which it is conducted, first contact is vital for developing leads and guiding them to the rest of the sales funnel. The objective of an initial contact is to attract customers interested in the product and/or services offered to the potential customer. By implementing an effective marketing campaign, businesses can increase prospects and their potential customers’ chances of becoming customers.

Introducing products & services

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In a mass market, the introduction of a product or service may take place either via marketing or by personally contacting the customer through an introduction email. Cold calls or e-mails often require an elevator pitch describing what the company offers that will generate interest in the customer. Quick Tips: Ensure contact lists are transferred into the powerful, dynamic CRM, store email templates and track leads, allowing your teams to engage leads and collaborate effectively.

Schedule meetings, presentations or demonstrations

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The pipeline stage occurs at which sales representatives schedule presentation and demonstrations with potential customers. It is possible to make these choices by phone, if needed, depending upon the preferences of the customer. Products and Services. This phase provides more information about products or services to potential customers and gauges their interest and further qualifies them. If the meeting goes well, the customer wants further information and moves on to the next phase of the sales pipeline. A sales rep should maintain their relationship with customers until they can move on.

Qualifying leads

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Lead Qualifications are the stage in your sales pipeline where you identify the interest in your product or service to what extent. He could then evaluate the information he had on his introductory call. It is also possible that the lead agrees to meet with you to find out about this. Lead scoring enables you to measure your leads by adding scores to each. This is determined primarily by emails received in the past, communication with other parties and interaction with content.

Nurturing Leads

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Lead nurturing is one of the next steps of a sales pipeline strategy. The sales part will be followed and reminds the prospect how much you can provide. The primary goal is establishing relationships with potential clients. If you deliver a sales presentation or negotiate a deal, it can make a huge difference. Some good examples are creating drip campaigns that automatically send emails to leads in a series or depending upon the behavior or the salespersons who are constantly calling.

Follow up with customers to secure future business relationships

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In sales, most agree on a common theme: The fortunes are in following ups. Ultimately, without your customer being on the top-of your mind, they may lose their mind when you go shopping. What is the purpose behind the follow-up on customer complaints? Is there any effective way to do this without getting annoying? In the final sales pipeline phase, you will keep the salesperson and company front of mind for customers. The customer has a number of different methods. You’re able to email them, phone them or even come by and ask some questions.

Negotiating terms

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During the customer pipeline phase there are occasions where customer negotiations may be made. They have an advantage in negotiating terms based on their size or if they want to compete against others to win the deal. In addition negotiations may take time when they involve legal issues and legal aspects involved.

Sending proposals or quotes

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Writing a business proposal may be as informal as a mailed message explaining what your services cost, or as formal or detailed as the written proposal or legal agreement. No business is willing to pay for a product or service without knowing its costs. Quick Tips: Make sure contacts included in business proposals are automatically transferred into a CRM system.

Closing the Deal

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If an opportunity is available, contracts must be signed and onboarding items addressed. It can also occur in a sales process in which the salesperson passes the customer to a customer support representative who becomes the customer’s new contact person. In certain companies, deals close when invoices are sent to the closing phases of sales pipelines and the payment is collected.

After you close the deal: Retaining & Selling to Existing Customers

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Closing a transaction usually ends the sales cycle, although regarded as a last stage of the sales pipeline. Account Manager Operations have a tendency to focus on providing clients with excellent products and services. Besides continuous sales for existing customers it must also include a plan for upgrading existing customers and/or adding additional features based on those customers already purchased. Selling techniques such as upselling are possible for a new product salesperson to buy from an established company.

Tell me the best CRM for my sales pipeline stages

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There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best CRM for your business will depend on many factors, including the size and nature of your business, your budget, and your specific needs and goals. It is important to keep in mind some of the following cores features that Digital Drops CRM offer.

Easy use

A crucial part of any successful CRM project is the ability to navigate the software, no matter the technical skill or prior CRM experience. This is a great advantage of our platform!

Implementation and Onboarding

Digital Drops CRM is a cloud application that is accessible from any computer or mobile device with internet connectivity. All of the technical work goes on behind the scenes to allow for new users to log into an application and create new boards from the start.


Digital Drops CRM provides easy-to-use customization with hundreds of available template options with multiple third-party integrations. In this section you can easily create your own custom CRM workflow for sales pipeline tracking, capturing leads and managing contacts using Mailgun email and Twilio integration.

Talk about Automation

Some of the most desired features of CRMs such as automation or integration are restricted in number of actions per month. For this reason we offer unlimited automations, yes that’s right, unlimited automations!


Generate online leads

Some companies prefer generating leads through online advertising and search engine optimization. A company may obtain leads by contacting customers by sending out an email or by sending them a form via Facebook, web – or even by email. Using the integration, you can export leads automatically to the CRM software to the next stage.


Benefits of Having an Established Sales Pipeline

The existence and quality of sales pipelines is crucial to ensuring that all sales personnel understand what they are expecting. It reduces the uncertainty on teams as they manage and monitor reps’ ongoing transactions and tasks. The CRM helps businesses quickly see where each deal was, the number of deals that were completed during each phase, and the duration of each transaction.



If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to create a sales pipeline that works for you and your team. Finding the right CRM can be difficult, but we’re here to help. We’ll work with you to find the best CRM for your needs and walk you through every step of implementation and onboarding. Having an established sales pipeline is essential for success in any business – let us show you how easy it can be. Contact us today to get started.


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