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Wonderful company, would hire again!
Maria E. Amador
David has given us great service. He has made our job easier and our business has grown since we started working together. I would totally recommend him with eyes closed.
Karina Cruz H.
Real Estate Agent
I worked with Digital Drop with my previous employer; a Law office which wanted to develop social medial marketing. After three months of personal service in Facebook, IG, and YouTube the office increase more than 100% of followers and more importante leads to convert in clients. We did ads and webinars which through Digital Drops Service were washing for an incredible amount of people. The office was able to find clients around the US.
Ana escoto
Digital Drops la recomiendo muchísimo ya que nos ha ayudado muchísimo con nuestras empresas en la parte digital y marketing y durante todo el tiempo siempre han sido muy profesional y sobre todo confiables por lo cual doy ciegamente mi recomendación.
Oscar Fuentes
Engineer, Builder
You guys are great! The best in your businesses I’ve ever worked with!
Roberto Moncada
Profesionales excelentes, tanto en el trato humano como en la calidad del trabajo
Dionisia Durán
Great service for advertisement and to make your brand growth, not only on the local market but on an international level. They give you the push to stand out and reach your goals as an enterprise in an rapidly changing online market.
Mario E.
Excelente programa, me ha ayudado a trabajar paso a paso sin tener ningún problema para dar respuesta a mi Trabajo. Lo más importante es que el mismo programa te lleva a entender los link de accesos para ingresar los datos que necesitamos para alimentar la base de datos o información que la empresa requiere. También tiene que ver el seguimiento que le da el responsable de sistema al que inicia a manejar el programa.
Cesar Chavarría
Real Estate